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21 Pages of helpful tips you can apply to greatly advance your skill as a smartphone photographer and enhance the quality of your mobile photos.

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About the book


Here are some of the contents of the book...

  • Composition

    In this chapter, I talk about composition, what it is and how it improves the look of your photos. I also discuss different types of composition techniques.

  • Lighting

    This section focuses on both natural and artificial lighting, and how to use different types of lighting to take incredible photos with your phone.

  • Editing

    Once you have captured your photos, the next step is editing. This chapter looks into how editing can enhance your photo visually and what to avoid.


There's MORE to come!

5 Ways To Improve Your Smartphone Photography is a useful resource packed with great tips, but it's just the tip of the iceberg!

This book covers only a small portion of what's contained in the forthcoming book series that will dive deeper into the art of smartphone photography and how to master it like a pro!

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