About Me

Hi there! My name is Gav, and welcome to my blog!I am writer and filmmaker.

For more than a decade, I've worked on a variety of TV programmes and shot several music videos. I've also written and produced a number of short films and a web series.

During this time, my interest in photography developed. That coupled with my love for smartphones, I just knew that smartphone photography was something I needed to explore.

About The Smartphone Photographer

As I was getting more and more into smartphone photography, I realised that I was learning quite a lot. I also realised that a lot of people were just like me and were underutelising a very powerul tool.

And so I decided to start this blog, The Smartphone Photographer, so that I can use it to share what I know, what I'm learning, and what I have learnt. As a former lecturer, teaching will forever be a part of me. So ,if I can even teach one person one thing that will help them do better, I will do it. And what better way to impart knowledge than on a blog!

And although this blog contains information that is useful for the everyday casual photographer, it's meant to inspire creativity with a serious yet artistic approach to smartphone photography.

My hope is that this blog can be a useful resource to someone and that it grows into a place where knowledge, ideas, and opportunities can be shared.

Until then, I hope you enjoy my blog 🙂