Best Smartphone Tripods With A Remote

Best Smartphone Tripods With A Remote

A tripod is an invaluable accessory to have when taking photos with a smartphone. It helps you keep the camera steady and also frees your hands to do other things.

What’s even more awesome is a tripod with a remote shutter because it allows you to not only support the camera, but also take good, full-body pictures of yourself from up to ten metres away.

Below are some of the best smartphone tripods that come with a remote shutter.  They all connect to your phone via Bluetooth within a range of ten metres. They are compatible with both Android and Apple smartphones.

Acuvar 50” Smartphone Tripod

acuvar 50-inch tripod

The Acuvar 50” tripod is very simple and easy to set up. It has a quick-release plate which makes attaching and detaching a smartphone to the tripod a breeze (using a mount, of course). This 127cm aluminium tripod folds down to 43cm and only weighs about 400g.

The tripod legs have flip-locks which make extending and retracting the tripod quick and easy. All you have to do is flip the clasp open and extend the section you want to make longer. You can extend the legs individually or together, so you can get balance in a variety of environments.

The Acuvar 50” Tripod has a centre column that can extend to give it extra height by twisting a locking knob on the tripod. The 3-way pan head with tilt motion allows you to take photos in portrait and landscape mode. There’s also a bubble level indicator to help you straighten your shots.

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Fotopro UFO 2

Fotopro UFO 2

Fotopro is an award-winning global brand that designs and makes equipment for photographers. The UFO series is part of their mobile phone product range and is suitable for use with any smartphone and certain digital cameras.

A 1/4-inch screw allows you to attach your mobile camera to the 360° swivel head, which enables you to take horizontal and vertical photos with ease. All you have to do is adjust the head by turning the locking knob on the tripod.

The Fotopro UFO 2 flexible smartphone tripod is a sturdy and durable piece of equipment. Its high-density rubber-coated legs are robust and can be bent and attached almost anywhere. And weighing in at only 0.28kg, you can travel with it comfortably and store it easily.

What really sets the Fotopro UFO 2 flexible tripod apart is that it’s waterproof. That’s right, you can use the UFO 2 for snorkelling, diving, or anywhere near water without worrying about it getting rusty.

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BlitzWolf BW-BS10

BlitzWolf BW-BS10

The BlitzWolf BW-BS10 is an innovative premium selfie stick with a slick design that looks good. It is only about 20cm long when retracted and weighs a light 170g. So carrying it around and travelling with it is as easy as just slipping it into your pocket.

The reason why I have included a selfie stick to a list of smartphone tripods is that the BlitzWolf BW-BS10 can also function as a tripod. So, you get the convenience of a selfie stick and the added benefit of having a tripod when you can’t hold the camera.

The BW-BS10 is made of aluminium and can extend up to about 80cm. The handle of the selfie stick can spread out and become the legs of the tripod with non-slip footing. It has a smartphone mount that can be rotated for horizontal and vertical shots, as well as stretched to accommodate phones of various sizes.

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KobraTech Apex A70

KobraTech Apex A70

The Apex A70 is an excellent smartphone tripod that’s designed for adventure. It is made from premium material including high-strength aluminium, so it’s built to last. It can support any camera that weighs up to 4kg.

The length of each leg can be adjusted individually, so you can still get a level shot on uneven terrain. Plus, there’s a built-in monopod that can stretch out to 165cm. So, if space and mobility are an issue, it’s good to know that you have the option of a monopod included.

Other extras that come with the KobraTech Apex A70 are two base plates, a universal smartphone mount, Bluetooth remote, and a travel bag.

The KobraTech Apex A70 is great for travel because it’s an adventure tripod that you can use it in various types of environments. What’s also great about this tripod is that it can be stretched out really high (177cm) and has a wide enough base of support so as to not fall over easily.

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Ubeesize Heavy Duty Tripod

Ubeesize Heavy Duty Tripod

The Ubeesize Heavy Duty Tripod is a lightweight and compact mini tripod that measures 17cm, so you can pack it in your bag or put it in your pocket and take it anywhere you go.

It has a ball head designed for 360-degree rotation and 45-degree tilt, which allows you to position the head in any way you wish so that you can get the perfect shot you want.

Thanks to a universal smartphone mount that comes with the tripod, you can attach a wide variety of phones to the tripod. You can also mount an action camera with the GoPro mount adaptor.

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Ubeesize HG50


Ubeesize is a recognizable name in the world of smartphone camera accessories, and the quality of their products have earned them a good reputation.

The HG50 has four-section telescoping legs with quick-release lever locks that stretch out to give the tripod added height. When folded, the tripod is only 40cm in height but it can extend to about 130cm in height.

The HG50 also has a rotating head that can be swivelled in any direction and locked securely. It has separate controls for panning and tilting, and can also switch the camera orientation between portrait and landscape.

The Ubeesize HG50 has a collapsible centre column that makes this a versatile tripod that can suit many needs. You can have it set up to take standard shots straight-on from the side or you can turn it sideways to allow you to take overhead shots of food.

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TAIROAD Phone Tripod

TAIROAD Phone Tripod

The TAIROAD Phone Tripod is a unique piece of equipment with a special feature-- it has an adjustable gooseneck with a smartphone holder at the end. The gooseneck sits on a rotating ball head that allows 360-degree horizontal and 90-degree vertical rotation.

The TAIROAD Phone Tripod is compatible with a lot of smartphones or you can use your own smartphone mount.  It is great for food photography because the tripod head’s ability to rotate freely and the flexible gooseneck make it easy to capture food shots from various angles. And because it can extend from 40cm to 165cm, you can use it for a variety of situations.

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FugeTek FT-569

fugetek ft-569 smartphone tripod

The FugeTek FT-569 is more than just a smartphone tripod. It’s also a selfie stick and a monopod all wrapped in one. So, no need to carry around a separate tripod and selfie stick to capture your shots from all angles.

The FT-569 can stretch from about 48cm to approximately 130cm. And thanks to the quick-flip locks, you can extend the centre column in no time at all. The head is adjustable, so you can easily change the angle of your shots.

The tripod is equipped with non-stick feet, so when you open the legs, you can rest assured that the tripod will be more reliable and safe. The entire tripod is made from durable material, so it’s quite sturdy.

Check the price of the FugeTek FT-569 at:

Neewer Ring Light Kit


This particular entry is a unique one on this list because it’s actually a light kit. The Neewer Ring Light Kit comes with an aluminium stand that can extend up to 155cm. There’s also a smartphone holder that can fit a variety of smartphones.

The light that comes with the kit is designed in the shape of a ring and is made up of 240 dimmable LED bulbs that have an output of 55W and a 5500K colour temperature. It comes with a white colour filter and an orange one, so you can change the colour temperature if you want.

The Neewer Ring Light Kit is not only great for smartphone photography, but you can also use it for mobile filmmaking, make-up, and vlogging. What’s great about this light is that it creates that round ring of light that’s reflected in your eyes, which can look really cool in pictures and videos.

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Although all the above tripods come with a Bluetooth shutter, they each have features that make them unique. Which one works for you will depend on you and what your particular needs are.

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