Title- Best Fisheye Lenses For Smartphone Cameras

Best Fisheye Lenses For Smartphone Cameras

One of the best accessories for mobile photography is an attachable smartphone camera lens. These lenses sit in front of a phone’s camera and change its angle-of-view to either allow you to capture more of the scene or to magnify your subject, depending on the lens attached.

One of the many types of external smartphone lenses you can find is the fisheye lens. This unique type of lens gives you the widest angle-of-view possible so that you can capture as much of the scene as possible.

If the angle-of-view is very wide, it creates a bulging effect on the resulting photos. Hence the name fisheye.

Below are some of the best fisheye lenses available on the market.

Sirui FE Fisheye Lens

Sirui FE Fisheye Lens

The Sirui FE Fisheye Lens is an amazing piece of equipment that works with most smartphones. And with a 170-degree angle-of-view, it allows you to capture the entire scene in one frame without vignetting.

This add-on smartphone fisheye lens is made from aircraft-grade aluminium and German Schott optical glass. It has five lens elements arranged in four groups for good quality images. There is also a special coating on the glass to minimize issues such as flares, reflections and ghosting.

The Sirui Fisheye Lens can be attached to the mobile phone with the Sirui Mobile Phone Lens Clip Adaptor, which fits a wide variety of phones. There is also an option to use a Sirui Lens Mount Adaptor or Protective Case.

The Sirui FE Fisheye Lens is available at:


Moment 15mm Fisheye Lens

Moment 15mm Fisheye Lens

Moment is a well-known name in mobile photography and their lenses are quite popular. Their fisheye lens has a 15mm equivalent focal length, which gives you a 170-degree angle-of-view.

Quality is guaranteed with this lens. It is made from premium cinema-grade glass to ensure minimum chromatic aberration and maximum edge-to-edge sharpness. It brings cinema level optics to mobile photography.

What makes this lens unique is that unlike most fisheye lenses that are known to curve the image, the Moment 15mm Fish Eye Lens delivers an almost perfectly flat, 170-degree image that is sharp across the entire scene.

Unfortunately, to use this lens you need to have a Moment Photo Case or Moment Battery Case. These are phone-specific, so not every smartphone is compatible.

You can check out the Moment 15mm Fisheye Lens at:

MACTREM Phone Camera Lens Kit

MACTREM Phone Camera Lens Kit

The MACTREM Phone Camera Lens Kit is a nine-piece collection that’s got quite a lot going on. It can turn your smartphone into a photography powerhouse. It makes it possible for you to capture great photos on your smartphone in a wide variety of environments and scenarios.

With a 205-degree angle-of-view, MACTREM’s fisheye lens is one of the widest on this list. Other lenses in the kit include a 20x telephoto lens, a 0.5x wide-angle lens, a 25x macro lens, a universal smartphone lens clip, an eyecup, and a tripod.

Each lens is well-built and made of premium materials. Unlike other plastic lenses, MACTREM lenses have an elegant aluminium alloy housing which allows you to easily rotate the focus ring and fix the focus.

The entire MACTREM smartphone lens kit comes with a travel case, making it easy for you to take the kit with you on your mobile photography adventures. The universal lens clip makes the MACTREM smartphone lens kit compatible with a lot of smartphones.

Check the price of the MACTEM Phone Camera Lens Kit at:

Criacr (Upgraded Version) Phone Camera Lens

Criacr (Upgraded Version) Phone Camera Lens

Criacr’s smartphone camera lens kit is an affordable kit that gives decent performance for what it’s worth. It has a 180-degree fisheye lens, a 15x macro lens, and a 0.6x wide-angle lens.

These lenses are good quality and offer great clarity, so you won’t have issues with vignetting or distortion. They have a special coating that reduces glass flare and ghosting caused bu reflections.

The Criacr lenses are made of high-class glass and covered by a lightweight but strong outer shell. The lenses attach to the phone via a PVC lens clip, which is compatible with a variety of smartphones.

Check the price of the Criacr Phone Camera Lens at:

CoPedvic Phone Camera Lenses

CoPedvic Phone Camera Lenses

The CoPedvic kit of smartphone lenses is perfect for anyone who is interested in exploring mobile photography. Its fisheye lens has a very wide 205-degree angle-of-view, which is among the widest available.

Apart from the fisheye lens, the lens kit also includes a 22x telephoto lens, a 0.67x wide-angle lens, and a 25x macro lens.

The lenses themselves are a good build. They have solid aerial aluminium alloy housing and a special coating on them to minimize ghosting and flaring.

The CoPedvic phone camera lenses can be used with a wide variety of smartphones, thanks to its adjustable lens clip. The kit also comes with a mini tripod, a phone holder, and a microfibre cloth for cleaning the lenses. There’s also an eyecup that allows you to use the telephoto lens as a monocular.

Check the price of the CoPedvic Phone Camera Lenses

Keywing Phone Lens Kit

Keywing Phone Lens Kit

The Keywing Phone Lens Kit is another one of those that has a lot going on. Among the many lenses it has, it has a fisheye lens with a pretty wide 198-degree angle-of-view.

The kit also has two wide-angle lenses, a telephoto lens, and various other filters. Basically, whatever your needs are, this lens kit has you covered.

The lenses are made with five layers of cinema-quality glass. The large glass optics in the lenses creates sharp images with very little to no distortion, which is not the case with other cheap smartphone lenses.

The Keywing lenses are compatible with a variety of smartphones. They attach to the phone via a lens clip, so it’s easy to adjust it to your particular mobile camera.

The Keywing Phone Lens Kit is available at:

Ailun Lens Kit

Ailun Lens Kit

The Ailun phone lens kit is an affordable collection of lenses suitable for those on a tight budget. It has a 180-degree fisheye lens, a 0.65x wide-angle lens, and a 10x macro lens.

The lenses are pretty decent quality for their price. They are made of top-grade aluminium for durability and advanced lanthanide optical glass for clear shots with reduced reflection.

The lenses attach to a phone via a clip-on adaptor that can work with a number of smartphones and even laptops.

Check out the Ailun Lens Kit at:


Although there might be one or two external smartphone fisheye lenses that don’t create a bulge on your photos, fisheye lenses are generally not for everyday use. However, if a fisheye lens is what you want, then the above lenses are great options to choose from.

Just remember that attaching a smartphone lens does not improve the quality of your mobile camera. If you want to take amazing photos with a smartphone, you firstly need to use a smartphone with a good camera. You also need to understand how it works so that you can get the most out of it despite its limitations.

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