Title-9 Great Selfie Sticks For Smartphones

9 Great Selfie Sticks For Smartphones

A selfie stick is a must-have if you want to be able to take photos of yourself that can include a lot of the background or fit all of your friends and family in the shot. However, there are so many selfie sticks out there, it’s hard to tell which ones are good and which ones will become useless trash after a few days.

Below are some pretty cool selfie sticks that I’ve come across that should satisfy any need and pocket. They range from the basic, wired selfie stick to the more complex ones that have mechanics to stabilize the phone.

iGenio Vortex Pro II Cable Selfie Stick

iGenio Vortex Pro II Cable Selfie Stick

If you’re looking for a simple selfie stick with no complicate bells and whistles, then look no further than the Vortex Pro II selfie stick by iGenio. It requires no apps, no batteries, no Bluetooth, and no complicated setups.

The Vortex Pro II is small and light enough to carry anywhere. When retracted, it only measures 20cm in length but can extend up to 76cm, which is perfect for group photos or including the scenery in the selfie.

The precision-engineered spring mount at the end of the stick can accommodate any smartphone up to 3.5in wide. It’s suitable for use with iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, and many other Android phones.

To take photos with the Vortex Pro II selfie stick, all you have to do is plug the stick’s cable into your phone’s audio jack and start snapping by simply pushing a button on the stick. It’s as easy as that.

The iGenio Vortex Pro II Cable Selfie Stick at:

Mpow iSnap X


A lot of smartphones these days don’t come with audio jacks. If your phone has no audio jack but you would like to use a simple and uncomplicated selfie stick, then the Mpow iSnap X is the perfect selfie stick for you.

This selfie stick connects to your phone via Bluetooth instead of a cable. It has a built-in Bluetooth remote control with great battery life. All you have to take photos with it is switch it on, pair it with your phone via Bluetooth, and that’s it. You’re ready to snap away.

At full length, the iSnap X is 81cm long but can be retracted to a portable 18cm, which is only slightly larger than the average smartphone. The phone mount can fit any phone up to 3.3in wide. It can also be adjusted up to 270-degrees, so you can get the best selfie angle you desire.

The iSnap X is compatible with any smartphone except the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

The Mpow iSnap X is available at

BlitzWolf BW-BS10

BlitzWolf BW-BS10

The BlitzWolf BW-BS10 is an innovative premium selfie stick with a slick design that looks good. It is only about 20cm long when retracted and weighs a light 170g. So carrying it around and travelling with it is as easy as just slipping it into your pocket.

The BlitWold BW-BS10 can also function as a tripod. So, you get the convenience of a selfie stick and the added benefit of having a tripod when you can’t hold the camera.

The BW-BS10 is made of aluminium and can extend up to about 80cm. The handle of the selfie stick can spread out and become the legs of the tripod with non-slip footing. It has a smartphone mount that can be rotated for horizontal and vertical shots, as well as stretched to accommodate phones of various sizes.

This selfie tripod combo comes with a detachable Bluetooth remote shutter control so you can take pictures from a distance of up to 10m.

Check the price of the BlitzWolf BW-BS10 at:

Ubeesize Versatile Selfie Tripod

Ubeesize Versatile Selfie Tripod

The Ubeesize Versatile Selfie Tripod is a two-for-one system that can be used as a tripod and selfie stick. It also has a Bluetooth remote for taking pictures from a distance.

The centre pole stretches out up to 137cm, which is further than a lot of other selfie stick tripods extend. And although it’s not an actual monopod with a panning handle, it can still work as a makeshift monopod alternative.

This tripod is made out of premium aluminium alloy and has sturdy, non-slip rubber feet. It’s only 44cm when folded and the centre column has five telescoping sections that stretch out.

The Ubeesize Versatile Selfie Tripod is available at:

Fugetek FT-568

Fugetek FT-568

Fugetek’s FT-568 is a superior quality, wobble-free selfie stick that is way better than a lot of lightweight selfie sticks on the market. It can even support a DSLR camera. It is made of tough aluminium allow and has a non-slip rubber handle to ensure a tight and comfortable grip in your hands.

Thanks to its quick flip locks, the FT-568 can extend up to an incredible 125cm in length, placing it among some of the longest selfie sticks out there. There is a 1/4-inch screw on the bottom of the handle, which allows you to mount the FT-568 on a tripod. It can even be used as a monopod.

The Fugetek FT-568 selfie stick comes with two different smartphone mounts. One phone mount has a screw lock and can be extendable to 10cm to hold any smartphone securely in place. The other mount has a mirror which enables you to turn your phone around and take advantage of the primary rear camera which is usually the best quality camera on any smartphone.

This selfie stick connects to your phone via Bluetooth. It takes one hour to fully charge the battery, from which you can get about 300 hours standby time.

You can check out the Fugetek FT-568 at:

Elegiant EGS-07 Selfie Stick Tripod

Elegiant EGS-07 Selfie Stick Tripod

Compared to a lot of other selfie sticks available on the market, the Elegiant EGS-07 Selfie Stick Tripod has a lot of functions and can support more than just a smartphone. It can also be used with other digital cameras, as well as action cameras such as GoPros.

The EGS-07 is made of aluminium and non-slip material, which makes it durable, rustproof, and easy to grip tightly. It also has anti-slip feet for added stability. The telescopic rod can extend from 21cm to 83cm. You can easily rotate the handle to flip the phone 360-degrees horizontally.

There is a wireless remote control that you can separate from the stick in order to take photos from up to 10m away via Bluetooth. Additionally, the Elegiant EGS-07 Selfie Stick Tripod comes with an LED light that provides three levels of fill light, which can be useful in low-light conditions.

The EGS-07 is compatible with any smartphone between 10cm and 17cm big, as well as any digital camera and action camera to a maximum of 500g.

The Elegiant EGS-07 is available from:

Syosin Selfie Ring Light

Syosin Selfie Ring Light

Like a lot of smartphone selfie sticks on the market, the selfie stick from Siyosin can also be used as a tripod to support your phone independently. What sets this particular selfie stick apart from others is the fact that it has a ring light to help illuminate your selfies.

This selfie stick tripod can be extended from 16cm to 90cm. As a tripod, it is short enough to be used as a tabletop tripod and tall enough to fit an average person’s height. When used as a selfie stick, it’s long enough to fit a large group of people in the shot.

The Siyosin Selfie Ring Light comes with a detachable wireless remote which pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth and can be used from up to 10m away.

The ring light is 16cm big and features three light colours (warm, cool, and daylight). There are nine brightness levels for each colour for a total of 33 options to suit any environment. You can easily adjust the colour temperature from 2900K to 5600K.

The Siyosin Selfie Ring Light can support a wide range of smartphones with its 360-degree rotatable phone holder. The battery is rechargeable and can last up to two hours after a full charge, which takes about 160min.

Check out the Siyosin Selfie Ring Light at:

Seajic Colorlizard

Zhiyun Smooth X Selfie Stick

The Zhiyun Smooth X Selfie Stick is a selfie stick like no other. That’s because it’s a combination of a selfie stick, a mini tripod, and a handheld gimbal. That makes it a very versatile mobile photography accessory suitable for a wide range of uses.

The selfie stick can be extended up to 260mm in length. It comes with a mini tripod that can be attached to the bottom of the handle, allowing the stick to stand on its own. You can then use hand gestures from a distance to take shots and videos of yourself. And unlike many selfie sticks, with the Zhiyun Smooth X, you can conveniently switch between landscape and portrait mode with a simple click of a button on the handle.

This multi-purpose selfie stick has a two-axis gimbal equipped with a pan and roll motor that effectively reduces camera shake when shooting videos with your phone so that your footage can remain stable even when you move. There’s also a slider on the side of the handle, which allows you to zoom in and out without touching your phone.

The Zhiyun Smooth X Selfie Stick folds down to a mere 14cm and weighs only 246g. It can support a variety of smartphone models that weigh up to 260g. When fully charged, the Smooth X has a battery life that lasts up to four hours.

You can check out the Zhiyun Smooth X Selfie Stick at:


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