Title- Top 6 Smartphone Macro Lenses

Top 6 Smartphone Macro Lenses

Macro photography is known as extreme close-up photography because it’s concerned with capturing shots of small objects and creatures as well as details the eye normally misses.

To do macro photography with a smartphone well is not possible unless you have a multiple camera smartphone with a macro lens. And even then, the quality of a lot of smartphone macro cameras is not really that great.

Thankfully, there is a way to capture amazing macro photos with a smartphone. If you’re a mobile photographer of any skill level and would like to try out macro photography with a smartphone, below are some lenses you can check out.

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

The Xenvo Pro Lens Kit that is made up of a wide-angle lens and a macro lens. It is a very popular smartphone lens kit, and for good reason-- it’s a quality lens kit that produces great photos and it is compatible with a wide variety of smartphones. Plus, it comes with extra goodies.

The 15x macro lens works really well for macro photography with a smartphone. It’s a good quality lens that does not suffer from vignetting (dark edges) like cheap lenses do. It’s made from aluminium and premium optical glass for durability and clarity.

The lenses attach to the smartphone camera via a lens clip that’s strong enough to keep the lens attached to the phone without damaging the device.

The Xenvo Pro Lens Kit also comes with some nice extras. Most notably, included in the kit is a GlowClip LED light that attaches to the phone and provides adjustable continuous lighting.

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MACTREM Phone Camera Lens Kit

MACTREM Phone Camera Lens Kit

The MACTREM Phone Camera Lens Kit is a nine piece collection that includes a telephoto lens, a fisheye lens, a wide-angle lens, a macro lens, a universal smartphone lens clip, an eye cup, and a tripod.

The macro lens has 25x magnification, which is more than any other macro lens on this list. The universal lens clip makes it easy to attach the MACTREM macro smartphone lens to different types of smartphones.

Unlike other plastic lenses,MACTREM lenses have an elegant aluminium alloy housing. Each lens is well-built and made of premium materials.

The entire MACTREM smartphone lens kit can turn your smartphone into a photography powerhouse. It makes it possible for you to capture great photos on your smartphone in a wide variety of environments and scenarios.

The MACTEM Phone Camera Lens Kit is available at:

Sirui Mc-02 Macro Lens

Sirui Mc-02 Macro Lens

The Sirui Mc-02 Macro Lens provides 10x macro magnification. It is made from aircraft grade aluminium and German Schott optical glass. The lens consists of three elements in two groups and has multi-layer coatings for optimum performance.

The Sirui macro lens comes with a removable semi-transparent soft light cover that can be attached to the lens to help distribute the light evenly on the object for great results.

This lens can be attached to a multitude of smartphones using the SIRUI Mobile Phone Lens Clip Adaptor. It has padded surfaces to prevent scratches and damage to your smartphone. You can also attach the lens to a phone using a Sirui Lens Mount Adaptor or Sirui Protective Case, which are sold separately.

You can find the Sirui Mc-02 Macro Lens at:

Apexel 100mm Macro Lens

Apexel 100mm Macro Lens

The Apexel 100mm Macro Lens is an amazing lens for smartphone macro photography. Unlike a lot of macro lenses you find on the market, it suffers from little distortion and is perfect for capturing the smallest of detail with a smartphone camera.

The Apaxel macro lens is made from aircraft-grade aluminium and premium optical glass for durability and clarity. To prevent lens issues such as ghosting, reflections, lens flares, and other artifacts, this lens has special multi-element coating on the glass.

The universal lens clip is made of aluminium alloy for better quality. It has EVA rubber, which provides protection for your lens and a perfect for your smartphone without scratches or damage. And because the lens clip is universal, the Apexel 100mm Macro Lens can be used with many phones on the market.

Check out the Apexel 100mm Macro Lens at:

Olloclip 3-in-1 Essential Lens Kit

Olloclip 3-in-1 Essential Lens Kit

The Olloclip 3-in-1 Essential Lens Kit is a smartphone camera lens kit that comprises of a fisheye lens, a wide-angle lens, and a macro lens. The kit also comes with a Bluetooth remote control for your smartphone camera, which allows you to take photos from up to 10m away.

The macro lens provides 15x magnification to make it easy to take amazingly detailed, magnified photos. It has multi-element coated premium glass optics for optimum performance.

Olloclip is a company that has been making mobile photography products for years and the quality of their lenses is quite good.

Check out the Olloclip 3-in-1 Essential Lens Kit at:

Keywing Phone Lens Kit

Keywing Phone Lens Kit

The Keywing Phone Lens Kit has a lot going on. Not only does it have a macro lens, it has two of them. The kit also has two wide-angle lenses, a telephoto lens, a fisheye lens, and various other filters. Basically, whatever your needs are, this lens kit has you covered.

The two macro lenses provide 20x and 15x magnification. They are made with five layers of cinema-quality glass. The large glass optics in the lenses creates sharp images with very little to no distortion, which is not the case with other cheap smartphone lenses.

The Keywing lenses are compatible with a variety of smartphones. They attach to the phone via a lens clip, so its easy to adjust it to your particular mobile camera.

The Keywing Phone Lens Kit is available at:

Moment Macro Lens

Moment Macro Lens

Moment is a big name in the world of mobile photography and their 10x Macro lens is quite popular among smartphone photographer. And for good reason. Unlike other macro lenses on the market, this lens works from even less than an inch away from the subject yet still captures sharp images with rich texture.

The quality of the lens in incredible. It’s handmade from aerospace metal and premium cinema-grade glass. It has maximum sharpness all around and very little chromatic aberration. It also has a removable diffuser hood to create even lighting and prevent shadows.

Unfortunately, the Moment macro lens is not compatible with every smartphone. To attach the lens to a phone, you need to have a Moment Phone Case or a Battery Photo Case.

The Moment Macro Lens is available at:


The above are some of the best and popular smartphone macro lenses on the market. They will definitely magnify your subject and give you some amazing shots. However, they won’t make you any better at mobile photography.

If you want to take better pictures with your smartphone, you have to make the effort to learn about your smartphone camera and how it works, so that you can get the most out of it despite its limitations.

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